Jean Ure

Popular British author of a large number of children's books. Born in Surrey in 1943. She had her first book published while still at school and this success prompted her to leave school and decide to try and become a full time writer. It was a while before she had another book published and in the meantime worked in a number of jobs and enrolled in drama school. She has also worked as a translator. She has had many books published over the years, in a variety of genres; her teen romance type books are perhaps her most popular.

Jean Ure loves animals. She is a vegetarian and avid supporter of animal rights. These beliefs appear in some of her books, as do animals. She wrote a pony story about two girls rescuing a pony dedicated to Redwings Horse Sanctuary. I think it is her only pony story, although she also penned a story about donkeys too, featuring the same characters.

She now lives in Croydon with her husband and a large number of rescued animals!

Jean has her own website where there is a lot of information about her and her books. There are also a number of other links with more information and bibliographies.

Horse & Pony Books:
Both of these are part of the 'We Love Animal' series in which two animal loving girls help various needy animals in their neighbourhood. Other books in the series feature cats, dogs, rabbits and foxes. For the full series please click here

Paperback original.
SUMMARY: Part of the 'We Love Animals' series. Clara and Jilly, two pony-mad girls fall in love with a huge black horse at their local stables. But when Brave Warrior falls sick and could be sent to the knacker's yard, the two girls plan to make enough money to buy him for themselves.
PONYMAD VIEW: A nice heart-warming rescue story. Aimed at a slightly younger readership but suitable for all ages. This is dedicated to Redwings Horse Sanctuary.

Paperback original.
Reprinted in paperback by Scholastic with a different cover.
EDITIONS PICTURED: Original paperback, later paperback.
SUMMARY: Part of the 'We Love Animal' series. Clara and Jilly help Daffodil the donkey when they find her in a field filled with junk.

Collectors Info:
Both these were paperback originals with no hardback editions as far as I know. The books are easy to find in the UK. Can also be found in the USA internet book sites without too much trouble.